What, Where, Why Riso?

What, Where, Why Riso?


In 2018 me and my partner Marta started Jumbo Press, a small press where we print riso, publish books, and work with artists on special one-off projects. Although we like to collaborate on all sorts of projects not only limited to paper, we predominantly collaborate fan-zines and prints using our riso. Which, we sell here online or at art fairs or independent stores. 

But what is riso? Why do we and others love it?

Good questions, a risograph is a machine that sits somewhere in-between screen printing and photocopying. It prints one colour at a time using stencils and soy-based inks to create extra vibey, textured & unique printed paper. It was actually originally used and still is for political parties, schools, churches etc. To economically print things, but has since been adopted by an art community for a wider range of stuff with its potential of using fluorescent colours, transparent layers and its grainy textures. It also has a ton of quirks to it which, you may or may not love! 

With the illustration community adopting riso has brought a great culture of likeminded, creative, good-hearted people, who for the most part are just printing because they love print and art.

A lot of the risograph publishers are great curators, artists and designers (Aaron and meg from Floss EditionsClay Hickson from caboose formerly tan & loose to name a couple!) and they support artists by helping expose and produce comics/prints with artists to sell at book fairs, etc. This sense of community and collaboration surrounding riso is why it's so great!