Bubblegum Vol 2
Bubblegum Vol 2
Bubblegum Vol 2
Bubblegum Vol 2
Bubblegum Vol 2
Bubblegum Vol 2
Bubblegum Vol 2

Bubblegum Vol 2

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- 11x13inches
- 150pgs
- Pur-Bound
- 4 Colors Screen printed cover and 1 color inside cover
- Full Color risograph printed at Jumbo Press

This anthology book displays 30 international artists from all different stages in their careers. All the illustrators are super exciting and have explored the vibrant spot of colors of riso, while giving their own take on the theme of cute but evil. The idea came from those re-occurring moments where we realize alls not what it seems from afar up close. Many of the illustrators in the book have linked these ideas with bubblegum, cowboy tinder dates, pandemic survival stories to plant toilet cover-ups. 

The work inside has a range of comics, adverts, and standalone artworks, creating big volume of risograph goodness. The book uses all 9 risograph colors we hold at Jumbo, a screen-printed cover and is entirely printed on responsibly sourced papers.

Apart from displaying the talented individuals in the book, we made it with the hope of inspiring creatives to work more with print, hold a place of memorabilia, and to distract from the digital if just for a moment. 

Participating artists include -

Florencia Pernicone, Aaron Gonzalez, Haein Kim, Niall Breen, Pablo Orrego, Dares Restrepo, Tyler Nueve, Genie Espinosa, Jenny Zych, Miguel Cruz, Ales Gallifa, Estelle Mezzadri, Antoine Salmon, Frances Strada, Saman Dezai, Jackson Gibbs, Jesse Lortz, Aysha Tengiz, Tess Smith-Roberts, Ted Gudlat, Sander Ettema, Jan Soeken, Lony Mattias, Nato Floral, Francisca Jara, Alexandre Nart, Maxime Galipienso, Sleepy Studio,  Clay Hickson, Ben Marcus.

Monster Girl Shirt

UK/US 34 36 38 40 42 44
NECK 14.5 15 15.5 16 16.5 17
CHEST 34 36 38 40 42 44
WAIST 28 30 32 34 36 38
SEAT 35.4 37.4 39.4 41.3 43.3 45.3
INSIDE LEG LENGTH 32 32 32 32 32 32
XS 34 78-81 cm 62-64 cm 86-89 cm
S 36 82-85 cm 65-67 cm 93-96 cm
M 38 86-89 cm 68-71 cm 97-100 cm
L 40 90-93 cm 72-75 cm 101-104 cm
XL 42 94-97 cm 76-79 cm 105-107 cm
XXL/2XL 44 98-101 cm 80-84 cm 108-112 cm

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Reason One

Every penny made at Jumbo is put back into making more collaborations with artists all in different stages of their career.

Reason Two

All items are made in small quantities and sent with love, care and attention.

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