If you are interested in printing a color that we do not offer, our staff may be able to recommend a combination of two or more colors to achieve the look you’re going for!

What is Printsgraph?

Printsgraph printing is a unique eco-friendly way of printing. It’s perfect for anything from art Books to flyers for your business. The way it works is not too far from the process of screen printing; your image is built up in layers of colours, sometimes running the paper through the machine multiple times to create the desired effect.

Their spot colour printing method means that you can create beautifully vibrant imagery with the hand-made, tactile feel of a screen print but in larger, more affordable quantities.

Why Jumbo Press?

We approach every print project with the outmost care and attention. In an ever-changing digital world, we strive to support, promote and collaborate with creatives in printed matter. We are a small but quick and affordable Prints business.

Being an independent business, we can turn print orders over much quicker than larger businesses and also give the much care and attention needed for good quality Books. Not only do we print for as a service, but also collaborate with artists and offer our skills in design/publishing.

How To Print?

We are always happy to try new stock at Jumbo and if you have a specific paper in mind we are always happy for you to bring your own stock, or we can look at getting it in for you.
The machine reliably will take any (uncoated) paper from 80-250gsm.

We generally like to use high quality recycled papers, some of our go tos are Acroprint Milk, Woodstock, Cyclus Offset and Munken lynx.
These papers absorb Printsgraph ink well, while still lending their self to the tactile, vibrant feel of Prints. Please get in contact to see what papers we currently have in stock, as it varies in stock time to time.

When sending us your artwork, please mock it up on an A3 document at 300-600dpi. We would suggest sending us a Photoshop file with each color in a separate named layer. Each color turned into grey scale and a layer with a color proof.

We also accept jpegs or PDFs in separate grey scale files. Please name the files appropriately and provide a full color proof.

If you're looking to print a full color image or an image that isn’t separated, it is possible to achieve this by using CMYK separation through channels. We can help prepare files at a small fee.

We would suggest, when overlaying colours or using a heavy coverage of ink, lowering the opacity of your artwork to a percentage of 75%. This said, line work always looks best if it’s vector and 100% black.

Try not to make the top part and middle of your print very inky, as it can be more susceptible to roller marks. Especially if it’s on the first pass of printing

We print anything on uncoated papers up to A3 (297 x 420 mm) with a maximum printable area of 289 x 409 mm. We also suggest adding a 5 mm bleed to all artwork, which is being cut down.


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Turn around times vary depending on the project. If you have a specific deadline in mind please let us know and we will do our tip-top best to get it to you on time.

There is no minimum order at jumbo, but we suggest printing at least 30 copies + as the predominant cost is in the set-up, similar to screen printing.

We do not offer Printsgraph proofs, but we are always happy to share artworks in similar color-ways, which may give you an idea of the final result.

Please leave us 1-2 days to reply to your quote. Looking forward to collaborating with you!

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