Here we present Austin's first non-linear graphic comic, a captivating tale of a courageous girl's battle against a formidable black dragon!  

Illustrated by Austin J Gregory  

  • 4 Colour Risograph 
  • Interior 140gsm Fedrigoni Arena Natural
  • Cover 200gsm Fedrigoni Arena Natural
  • Matt Laminate Cover 
  • 52 pgs - 26pgs of artwork 

Austin Gregory was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey in 1994. He received his BFA in fine arts from The School of Visual Arts in 2017. His dream like expression fused with realism leaves a surreal sense of beauty and terror, balancing the two like a collage of chaos. Nightmares, the human form, imagination, cartoons, and patterns are favorite subjects. Gregory's work celebrates a metaphysical sense of dreams, merging imagery with complex patterns creating cosmic entities expressive flow of color using an intuitive mindset. He currently lives in New Jersey and works in NYC.
4 Colour Riso Matt Laminate Cover Pur-bound