• Designed by Lony Mathias 
  • Large (40x40cm) tote bag 
  • Metal button fastener
  • Custom Labels 
  • Long handles 
Vienna based Illustrator Lony Mathis studied Illustration in Hamburg. After her graduation she moved back to vienna where she has been working as a freelancer for 2 years now. Lony invites us with her illustrations into her fantastic land of milk and honey, puppies, 90s symbolism and girl power! Looking at Lony’s illustrations is filling our hearts with warmth and happiness and lets us forget about how rough the world can be at times. Where clouds are made of candy floss, friendship bracelets are shared with your pet, and the moon is smiling at the world while we slide down a rainbow made of melting ice cream we have the impression that nothing is impossible!
Button Fasten Custom Tags Long Handles