Are aliens real? Here's a series of captivating drawings by Illustrator Bohan Wang that explores extraterrestrial android beings in their natural habitat. The 20pg zine plays with colours, gradients and shapes to give you a look into what might really be out there. 

Illustrated by Bohan Wang


  • 210gsm Fedrigoni Silver metallic paper cover
  • 4 colour risograph printed - Aqua blue, Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Black
  • Interior 120gsm fedrigoni natural rough
  • 8inch x 5.5inch - 20.20cm x 14.2cm 
  • 20pgs
  • Limited edition of 50
Bohan Wang is an illustrator currently studying visual communication at The Royal Collage of Art in London. His work often includes robots and aliens that are often paranoid.
4 Colour Riso Metallic Silver Cover